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Windows = Productivity?

Since when? Emphasis added, but the quote comes right from this page:

Of course, Windows Vista is still Windows, and that means you can be far more productive with Vista than is possible with OS X, especially if you're a heavy keyboard user like me. Virtually all of the familiar Windows keyboard shortcuts work just fine in Vista, and since the system is basically laid out just like XP - with a familiar Start menu, taskbar, desktop, and folder structure, most users will be able to get right to work. That said, there are plenty of small changes too, some of which make sense, some that don't.

Huh? I say again: huh? That kind of drivel isn't even worthy of a response.

10 Responses to "Windows = Productivity?"

  1. WHAT were YOU doing on that site? 😉

    On another note, after your bolded part of the quote he states that it's especially useful if you're a heavy keyboard user. It's almost an admission that the UI is horrendous and you're better off using the command line!

  2. Was linked to from MacNN.

  3. Don't link to him - you're just sending him traffic and adding to his profit. To everyone reading this - don't click on that link.

    I always make it a point not to link to those people. They know that writing anything against the Mac will guarantee heavy traffic to their site, which is why they keep doing it.

  4. Mike, that advice doesn't work because for every one person who decides not to click, countless new fanatics will. I gave up on attempts like that years ago.

  5. I thought everyone already knew that Paul Thurrott was a tool... and his only hope of any readership (and ad revenue) is the huge amount of people who are in utter disbelief that anyone could possibly by so clueless.

    I believe this is actually a well established fact.

  6. I'm probably gonna get violated by a team of hired Rhino Ninjas for saying this, but I have to say that when I'm on OS X, I *do* miss being able to access pretty much everything with the keyboard. Is there an application I can install to make the old keyboard commando happy?

  7. Jeff, yes, that's well established. But like a car wreck, sometimes you can't help but look. In this case, sometimes you can't help but wonder how someone would so willingly sell themselves out. It usually takes a lot more than money to make me knowingly make myself look stupid.

    Vincent, look up stuff like "Full Keyboard Access" in your help. Look at your Keyboard and Mouse system preferences, too.


    Windows == Productivity? That makes me laugh.

    Seriously, Windows does nothing but get in my way, halting my productivity. I use OS X because it lets me do what I want to do, without getting in my way.

  9. Vince: look into "Quicksilver"

    i've been using it for a while, and it's pretty damn slick.

    I've got a recent mac convert, a friend who was heavily into linux and windows, and knows his way around about any prompt i can throw at him... he basically never touches the mouse. Using quicksilver, he is blazing around the computer faster than i've ever seen anyone do anything on a windows box.

    Give it a look, and some time to get used to it, and it's incredibly powerful, and gets you off the mouse and back on the keyboard very well.

  10. Well, if you're used to the Windows-way for about ten years and reluctant to changes to non-Microsoft, it's clear that Windows is more productive.

    My personal experience is that people new to Macs find it rather strange that you're doing everything using short cuts (like cmd-w, cmd-q, cmd-h, cmd-`, cmd-x/c/v, etc.), and find it hard to adjust, since they're used to do everything from context menus on Windows (I always cringe when someone uses the context menu for copy/paste).