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Erie Winter 2K6

What kind of screwy winter is this? I think we've had all of four or five days total with 6" or more snow sitting on the ground. We had a stretch of rainy 60° days in December and it's 60° outside right now. It's been one of the weakest, mildest, lamest, easiest winters I can remember.

If it weren't raining, I'd have gone golfing the past two days!

But as it stands, I'm simply left to wonder if we'll "pay" for this mild winter with a snow storm in April or May or something. 😛

3 Responses to "Erie Winter 2K6"

  1. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth. Easy winters are a good thing.

  2. The winter has been just as unusual down here in Florida. It has been warm Spring-like weather all winter long. I have been waiting for a little cold and it only came for a day or two and then left again.

    It makes me wonder if the global warming people are going to end up being right. Since I am in Florida I feel like we're going to pay for the lack of winter in hurricanes this summer. Time will tell.

  3. Here in southern California we had record highs throughout February. It was quite warm, and surprisingly dry. (We get most of our rain in February/March, with a just a bit in Nov/Dec sometimes.)

    Well, March is making up for February's slack. The rain has been quite intense for the past week, and looking up at the mountains it would appear that it snowed quite a bit. Oh, and the snow level has been ludicrously low. (Like down to 1000 feet in places where it's normally 5000 feet, although I don't think it was below 2500 around where I am.)