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Get Yer Own Damn Police

Yeah, Harborcreek:

The buzz coming out of Harrisburg continues to be about House Bill 2454, the State Police Services Bill. As written, it would impose a fee of $100 per resident in municipalities of over 9,000 people without their own police force for pay for state police services. Harborcreek and Fairview Townships would be affected. Currently not only are Harborcreek and Fairview saving a bundle by not not having their own police, they are getting a check from the state for relying on the state police for coverage. The fines collected by state police each year are divided between the municipality and the state. The split is based on the mileage and population of a municipality. Both Harborcreek and Fairview are likely receiving over $10,000 each year from the state. Nice system.

Ya bums