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Free Weimaraner

Does anyone want a 4-year-old, well-behaved, house-trained, quiet, obedient male Weimaraner in great health? He's free and comes with a whole bunch of accessories - beds, leashes, and even a 7.5' x 7.5' outdoor fence.

Update: He's found a happy home. Thanks.

11 Responses to "Free Weimaraner"

  1. I wish. I've been wanting a Weimaraner for a while now. Unfortunately, I live in an apartment in Philly, which probably isn't the best environment for an active breed.

  2. Did your dog stay with the family in New York? If not, we are still intersted. Please let me know. Thank you.

  3. Yes, he's happy.

  4. i would love to be able to have the dog i have had three of this breed before i love this breed of dog i am at home all the time and have time to play with him and give him the time

  5. YES! Email me!

  6. Folks, again, Flint has found a home.

  7. I would love to have this dog. I had two dogs that were resently stolen from my house. I have now moved into a big home with a very big yard. Down the way from my home there is a very big park with loveing family and their dogs.I don't think this home is very much a home to me with out a great dog to go with it.

  8. 😥
    I wish i had this dog, but I guess i just need MONEY!! ❗ 🙂

  9. Do you still have the we would love to have him!!!
    We dog sit for a friend who has one.

    let us know soon. He would be a very happy dog.

  10. [quote comment="45841"]Do you still have the we would love to have him!!![/quote]

    Per the update on the original post: he's found a home.

  11. Im looking for a good male weimaraner, im a verteran and had one 8 yrs ago that passed away, if anyone has one to give away or small fee, please contact me, tks