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XP on an Intel iMac

I expected one of the characters in the last frame of this comic to say "Now what?"

5 Responses to "XP on an Intel iMac"

  1. Me too. Or something like "Now let's reboot in Mac OS X so I can enjoy my iMac again."

  2. So did I!

  3. I thought that same thing. Good thing someone actually said it.

    It would have been much more funny that way.

  4. I'd assumed that's what the fifth panel was; just put more subtly. To me, it seems funnier left blank than if they'd made the joke explicit.

    That said, I suppose the beauty of this sort of thing is just that -- it's open to interpretation by the reader.

  5. Now what? Install Half-Life 2? Spore?

    I sort of prefer the simplicity of the inferred punchline of Now What myself. I am slightly afraid however, if booting, or using in a window via classic, of XP or Vista becomes too common, it is going to pretty much throw development of OS X native apps into the dumper. Anyone think it might have the opposite effect, pulling developers over to OS X that hadn't considered it before?