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Randum Films

A blog pal of mine, Etan Kerner, is announcing today the launch of "," an "interactive, wiki-based Internet theatre." For the time being, Etan and his partners are "hoping to build community so we can support ourselves via google ads."

This looks, at least, to be a good alternative to some of the other hosts out there like studentfilms and so forth with a good bit of potential for growth and opportunity. Etan says that the whole idea is to get a community of people to write scripts, produce podcasts, and get involved with wikis, all of which are taking off.

Perhaps I'll have to add "have my novel turned into a book" to my To Do list. Best of luck, Etan.

One Response to "Randum Films"

  1. This sounds like a cool idea, but making money off Google ads on video sites can be very challenging. As far as I can tell, the only way to make money with a video site is to use video ads as bumpers to the video content.