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Restaurants I Wish Erie Had

Every once in awhile, I wish I had ready access to one of these restaurants:

  • IHOP (guilty pleasure food [greasy, good], and lots of late-night conversations with pals in FL)
  • Denny's (for slightly different reasons than IHOP, more about me being a fan of breakfast food)
  • Lindburger's (near-gourmet burgers, great fries, all for $6.99 or so)
  • Boston Market (I used to work at one here - it's been a KFC for years)
  • Legal Seafood (or some other place with a good salmon)

I've left spots empty in case I think of some other restaurants I'd like to add.

10 Responses to "Restaurants I Wish Erie Had"

  1. i wish erie had a chipolte and a skyline chili. two places i miss from when i lived in cleveland.

  2. agree totally with the legal seafood--that's what should be down on the bayfront!

  3. Fuddruckers - a hamburger place where you "build your own" - very good!

  4. Being from the midwest I could really dig an O'Charley's or a Steak 'n Shake

  5. I'm a big Red Robin fan. There are several in Cleveland and Pittsburgh, and the food is good.

  6. I'm psyched that we finally got del taco and a Wahoo's, but it's still sad to me that we dont have any jack-n-the-boxs around here. mmmmmm.

    I just really wish there were a Trader Joes. 🙂

  7. I ate at an IHOP Friday night, after drinks, and it is still greasy and delicious. Not to rub it in. 😛

  8. Dave and Buster's, a cheap movie theater without broken, smelly seats, another Chuck E Cheese Place with mazes instead of games, there was one here before Little Bug was around called Crazy Mazey's (I think)...I'm surprised that you listed so many food places Erik… Erie's real problem is that there are tons of places to eat but nothing to DO!

  9. Okay… duh… now I see the title of the post, Restaurants, so sorry not to answer your questions AND make fun of you for it! 🙂 I'd like to see Chili's and Cheddar's.

  10. [...] talked before about restaurants I wish Erie had, and today yet again Lindburgers (which still doesn't have an actual website) came up in [...]