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My 28th

Donate LifeI turn 28 today (technically at 9:34pm or something, I think), and true to adult form it really doesn't mean a whole lot to me. It's also my father-in-law's birthday (Carey took the "marry someone like your dad" thing a bit too far), so happy birthday to him.

That aside, I wish to celebrate life today. As my friends know, another friend of mine has recently received a much-needed new heart and is doing well. For several years, José was basically a few hours from death, but thanks to the forethought of some unknown person, José's wife and two children will likely get to see my favorite Puerto Rican grow old and grey.

I've been an organ donor for years - since I got my first driver's license, I suppose - and though I naturally hope that my organs won't be donated any time soon, I am comforted in knowing that the joy I've felt with José's recent transplant may some day be given to someone else should I kick the can.

Today, on the anniversary of the day I began my life, I'm encouraging you to look into organ donation so that someone else may extend theirs and be given a sort of second birth. If you're not an organ donor already, sign up. If you are, encourage someone else to. Organ donation may not be tax-deductible, but like taxes, death is one of life's certainties. Plan for the future… someone else's after you are gone.

5 Responses to "My 28th"

  1. Happy Birthday. And yeah, I'm a donor too - hopefully someone can make use of at least some of my organs after I'm done with them.

    I don't mean to be a downer, but actually, today organ donation is on the front of my mind. My father-in-law has a terminal kidney disease, and we just found out (yesterday) that he has lost so much functionality that the doctors won't even put him on the transplant list now, because according to them he wouldn't live long enough to receive it. Unfortuantely he has O blood type, which makes it more difficult to find a donor.

  2. I turned 26 on the 21st, so happy birthday to us!

  3. They say, "What goes around comes around." Just like you, I've been an organ donor since the day I got my driver's license. I just never thought I'd need one myself.

    I've never seen me through your eyes before - until just recently. But for being a few hours from death for several years, boy did I try and did you help to make the best out of it. And I still am, for February 4, 2006 is my second birthday and a new beginning.

    It's just too bad golfing won't be for a little while, but I am glad you helped spark the interest in me. Maybe for my birthday or something we'll play a game - I'll lose, gracefully, of course!

    Happy Birthday again, and many many more!

  4. Happy Birthday Erik! I've been an organ donor since I've had a drivers license (I'm also registered in the National Bone Marrow program). I'd also like to add a note that organ donors should also let their family members know of their choices too.

  5. I can't remember when I became a donor. Truth is, since I'm old enough to be your father I hope you can forgive my memory lapses! LOL…

    Funny how some of those truly lasting gestures aren't what occupy your mind in the course of a day. Thanks for making me remember what really matters!