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Best April Fool’s Jokes 2K6

I've only seen bad jokes so far, one of which involved Duke Nukem Forever. If I had a groan smiley, I'd have used it there.

At any rate, I encourage you to post links to your favorite Internet April Fool's Jokes 2K6 in the comments.

Update (2:40pm): I've yet to see a single funny joke.

11 Responses to "Best April Fool’s Jokes 2K6"

  1. Slashdot (OMG!! Ponies!!)

    Too funny.

  2. I gotta agree with you. I'm so glad April Fools fell on a Saturday this year so all the stupid jokes don't drown out real news.

    I admit, though, I did fall for Coverville's April Fools joke this year.

  3. i kinda thought google romance was funny:

  4. Slashdot was good (too bad it's been taken down already), so were the ThinkGeek ones. I actually fell for the Mario mushroom one. posted this link, with a pretty complete list:

  5. Second for the Google Romance. At least it made me chuckle as opposed to roll my eyes.

  6. I hate reading slashdot on April 1st. One less than funny joke article I can take, but they just don't know when to stop.

  7. I wasn't aware that the point of April Fools was to be funny. To me the real point is getting people like Stephen Toub all grumpy and maybe laugh at a few people who fall for your prank.

  8. I think that, and I'm not the originator of this idea, nerds and web-oriented companies should be disallowed from making "April Fools Day" pranks, as they all invariably fail, and only display poorly developed senses-of-humor. I, for one, am embarrassed to be a nerd on 4/1.

  9. Wikipedia's List is pretty long.

    I agree, Slashdot is ridiculous on April 1st.

  10. The Mario Mushroom thing was an April Fools joke? I first saw it last Thursday... I was so going to buy one.

  11. Damn. Just tried to order one of the 1-UP mushrooms. Grump grump grump.