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GMail Needs a Progress Bar

I wish gmail had a progress bar. I'm sending a 160 MB .zip file to someone and I have no idea how much longer I have to wait.

13 Responses to "GMail Needs a Progress Bar"

  1. I hope their email can support it! Why not FTP it?

  2. I'm sending it to a gmail account, so yes, it can handle it. Why not FTP it? Because that's 160 MB of server space I'd rather not use up.

    You're missing the point: gmail could use a progress bar whether it's a 2 MB attachment on a modem or a 160 MB attachment on a 3.5 Mbps connection.

  3. for sending big files try, not sure if it has an upload progress indicator, but it let's you send files up to 1 gb

  4. Bob, they may say that but it's not true. I've sent 100 MB emails and, today, a 160 MB email.

  5. Really? 100 megs? I'll have to take a look at that...

    I'd *love* to have a progress bar, but to do that you'd have to know how large the file is, and the only way that a browser will transmit that data is if you put in an ActiveX control, and that doesn't play well with Firefox...

  6. eSellerate has a progress bar when you upload a disk image or a file to their servers (typically for download) that was pretty darn close to accurate. When you install MovableType you get a progress bar too, and it's fairly accurate. So no, I don't think it requires ActiveX in the least.

  7. You don't need an ActiveX control to show a progress bar whit a file upload...

    You just have to manipulate the form data directly. Pretty simple with Perl but you have to use a workaround with PHP (either a Perl script or you patch your PHP installation).

  8. Can you give more details on either the eSellerate or MT examples? Are either of these cases where you're uploading your own content through a web form where the system doesn't otherwise know in advance how large the upload is?

    I assume we're talking about a real progress bar shoing % complete and not a pseudo barberpole or logarithmic bar that keeps advancing more and more slowly until the upload is complete.

    If there's sample code out there for this I'd love to see it.

  9. GMail has a 10MB maximum per e-mail ➡

  10. Yeah,

    its a kind of lazy stuff i feel when i try to upload more than 5 MB files. GMAIL Needs to have an initiative to put progress bar while uploading. I feel, its a part of UI Rules, that any email upload must be constituted with a progress bar. Progress bar allows lot of advantages in giving comfort to user. ANyways, GMail Team might have their own answer. Better i upload this answer or question in Google GROUPS - GMAIL.

  11. Looks like you got your wish.... Just noticed a progress bar for the first time ever 5 minutes ago 🙂

    I came here looking for technical details of how the implemented it...wonder if they're using flash.

  12. Most of you probably don't care, but the answer is yes. I just inspected it. They're using flash.