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2006 Steelers Schedule

The 2006 Steelers schedule is out. The Steelers start the season early, as is (recent) tradition, with what will be a tough game against the Dolphins. Then we have 11 days off. The schedule has lots of late games this year, and one thing that will suck: Dec 3 - Dec 7 shows two games. Ouch. That will be difficult. I like that we finish up with Cleveland, Baltimore, and the Who Dey crowd in the last four weeks. I hate that our BYE week always comes so damn early. The NFL lies if they tell you BYE weeks change for teams every year. The Steelers almost always have one of the first BYE weeks.

Sep 7      Miami              8:30pm
Sep 18   @ Jacksonville       8:30pm
Sep 24     Cincinnati         1:00pm
Week 4     ----------         BYE
Oct 8    @ San Diego          8:15pm
Oct 15     Kansas City        4:15pm
Oct 22   @ Atlanta            1:00pm
Oct 29   @ Oakland            4:15pm
Nov 5      Denver             4:15pm
Nov 12     New Orleans        1:00pm
Nov 19   @ Cleveland          1:00pm
Nov 26   @ Baltimore          1:00pm
Dec 3      Tampa Bay          1:00pm
Dec 7      Cleveland          8:00pm
Dec 17   @ Carolina           1:00pm
Dec 24     Baltimore          1:00pm
Dec 31   @ Cincinnati         1:00pm