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Need a Digital Camera

Carey isn't comfortable using the SLR (a Canon Digital Rebel XT), so we're looking for a low-cost, small, point-and-shoot camera. I'll define low cost as $350 or less. I'll define point-and-shoot as one that ideally uses CompactFlash cards. I'll define "small" as something Carey can lug around in her purse or I can carry around in my golf bag comfortably.

I've used Nikons and Canons, and currently have the Canon DR XT, so ideally I'd like to stick with Canon or, as the first option after that, a Nikon. What are your recommendations not only for the camera, but where to buy it (my default is B&H, but if someone else is running a great deal, hey, lemme know!).

15 Responses to "Need a Digital Camera"

  1. I really like my Casio Exilim EX-S500. It fits your preferred specs, except it takes an SD card instead of a CompactFlash card.

    It's actually cheaper than the MSRP now, so don't let that fool you. You can get it for about $300 or so.

    Here's a good review, with lots of pictures and a QTVR.

  2. Canon SD500, or SD550, or really anything from the SD line. Buying at Dell Home is pretty good, i got my SD500 with a 512meg card shipped to my house for $320 about a year ago. ...the only difference between my 500 and the newer 550 is an extra half inch on the screen, and a few smaller little changes.

    The camera is great. very nice and compact, and the 7mp images are pretty fantastic.

  3. I have a Canon SD400 and I love it. It's tiny, durable, simple to use, and it does everything you would expect a point and shoot to do. I think I bought mine from Dell with a coupon from bensbargains or similar.

  4. Why CompactFlash, is that what the SLR uses? I don't know much about digital cameras but my impression is the smaller ones, ones for which the word "lug" would not apply, use SD. You could also get an SD to CF adapter so her media could still be used in your camera or in existing readers.

  5. CompactFlash is ideal because I have a Firewire card reader for CompactFlash media. Plus, we could easily share cards.

  6. What are you going to do with your SLR? Interested in selling???

  7. I'm keeping it. I use it plenty. It's just not compact (small) and easy to carry in a pocket.

  8. canon powershot a75. runs around $250. used it constantly before i got my rebel xt.

  9. I picked up a Canon SD 550 (with a USB 2.0 card reader :-P) today. Also a 2.0 GB (1.8 practical storage) SD card. The 32 MB one it comes with is good for, what, 12 pictures? 😛

    Thanks to those who have suggested it. In the end I guess it wasn't possible to get a small camera with such a large card, so, SD will have to be okay.

  10. I am selling a near brand new Canon S2 IS for $300 if you are interested. It has amazing features and is easy to use.

  11. I have a Digital Rebel and a Digital Elph S500. I really like the Elph, carry it around all the time, which is why I bought it. Im amazed to find the auto white balace is better on the Elph than the Rebel.

  12. You can get a brand new Canon S2 IS for $280 from Dell on a good day....

  13. I'd suggest a Canon A75 or A85 if you can find one. Uses compact flash, takes nice pics and has manual modes still if you desire.

  14. The A75/85/95 is a great suggestion. If you can't find one, its replacement, the A610 (or similar) will be fine. 🙂

    My father and sister both have A70s and are quite happy with them.

  15. Note above, fellas, I picked up a Canon SD550 already.