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Boycotting Walgreens

I plan to boycott Walgreens. Why? Thanks for asking.

15 Responses to "Boycotting Walgreens"

  1. There should be a grammar lobbying organisation.

  2. maybe it's plural. 😛

  3. That doesn't make much sense, Jeff. They're still missing an apostrophe. Nobody names a place "Jeffs" for multiple Jeffs.

  4. Just to play devils advocate here, but what if, say, it was named for more than one Walgreen? You could argue then that it should be Walgreens'.

    However, you could also argue that the name is "Walgreens", it's a noun that happens to end in an s. Why would you need an apostraphe?

    However it's a moot point - I'm not in the right country to shop/protest by not shopping there anyway.

  5. All I want to know is what happened to the plans to open one at the corner of Cherry and Peach St? I don't see any signs of the Firestone and Star Auto Sales leaving anytime soon!

  6. I think I remember something from Eats, Shoots, and Leaves about business names being exempt from rules about apostrophes. Now, if Walgreens had a sign posted that said "Six Pack's Of Coke", then I'd be mad.

  7. Funny, that's one of my favorite reasons to shop there.
    Stick it to 'em Walgreens!

  8. It's like Tim Hortons here in Canada - no apostrophe. I can't boycott Tim Hortons though; it's too good.

  9. Seriously dude, if that bothers you so much ... tampons are in isle 3

  10. Like I'm supposed to give a crap what someone who spells "aisle" as "isle" has to say about Walgreens. 😛

  11. Are you serious? Do you realize there are more important things in life. Think I will only shop at Walgreens now just to annoy people like you

  12. Jim, they don't sell sarcasm detectors or senses of humor at Walgreens. So, sadly, you'll remain out of luck. 😛

  13. The store was named after Charles Walgreen. There is no excuse for the apostrophe. Erik is right. By the way, Erik, you might want to tell your homeboy Jim that they have personalities and senses of humor in the clearance aisle at Wal*Mart. Peace, bitches.

  14. really do you guys have nothing better to do then complain about the way a company has been named for last 105 years?? but if it really bothers you that much go to their website and make your opinion heard, by some one that matters, not people like me who have nothing better to do with there day then look up things like this about their company!

  15. walgreens is a family name. charles walgreen started it and planned to leave to his hiers.thats how it came know as walgreens!!! 😯