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QotD: Update Procedure

Question: What is your (Mac OS X) software update procedure?

My Answer: I download the software update. I let it install. Sometimes I put off rebooting for a day if I'm doing a lot of work. Eventually, I click "restart" and let it restart. That's it.

This question came about as a result of the "repair permissions" chatter in the Mac Web. I repair my permissions every night as part of a cron job, right before my backup script kicks in, simply because it can't hurt anything and I want to make sure my backup is bootable and complete.

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3 Responses to "QotD: Update Procedure"

  1. I download it and install it.

    and just for effect, i bang 2 smooth rocks together when i restart it.

    cant hurt. (er, i suppose it could, but it hasn't yet.) 😛

  2. My permissions, when they have been 'broken', have not been broken as much as CHANGED, by some action that should not have changed them; usually some badly written installation procedure, be it shareware, or even Apple Update. This actually did happen frequently before OS 10.2, enough time for any 'superstitious ritual' to develop as wide spread habit.

    I tend to share John Gruber's present views on the issue more or less now, but I certainly understand why and how the habit evolved, and why the voodoo might still be justified for those that are regularly mucking about under the hood whether via coding software, or exercising their 1337 terminal skillz.

  3. Yeah. Why not? Can't hurt. The one time I didn't on a client's system, the update ate the system. It was 10.3.something. Don't recall, but it scared me into doing it anytime I update a system or back it up. It wouldn't be something you could do if there wasn't a reason, eh?