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Remote Desktop 3.0

Well, Remote Desktop 3.0 is out and some people are happy. Every time I hear about Remote Desktop and look at the $299 price tag, I simply wish Apple offered a one-user home version for $29.99 or something. That way, from downstairs on my PowerBook, I could do things like check Entourage, Adium, or some other things on my G5 upstairs.

The tablet Mac or even a "wireless screen" would solve the problem too, but I don't think they're coming. VNC has proven to be rather unreliable. And for $299, Remote Desktop isn't an option. So… oh well.

5 Responses to "Remote Desktop 3.0"

  1. There's some VNC improvements as well, and from what I hear, Chicken of the VNC works well with the basic VNC client in OS X.

    For one machine, Apple Remote Desktop is a nuke to kill a wingless junebug.

  2. You might want to check out FreeNX/NoMachine NX ( I've primarly used it on my Linux boxes but the speeds are comparable to RDP on a local LAN. I know there's an OSX client and I'm pretty sure there's gotta be a server package for OSX as well since its supported under various *BSDs

  3. I use Tiger's built-in VNC server (part of Remote Desktop sharing) with Chicken of the VNC and it works pretty well.

  4. I've used Chicken of the VNC for years using "Remote Desktop" Sharing's VNC option and it works great. At work I use the full-fledged ARD, but at home it's not needed.

  5. Remote Desktop is totally free and solid as it gets on Windows XP.