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Question: Do you like getting cards?

My Answer: My wife feels that cards are not of much value. Easter cards, birthday cards, etc. She derives no joy from cards at all and thinks that they are a waste of money. I tend to agree, though I also think that if you buy inexpensive cards, it's a fairly cheap (<$1) way of telling someone you were thinking of them.

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4 Responses to "Cards"

  1. You're in trouble! 🙂

  2. I enjoy getting cards, but then again im only 15 and i only enjoy them because i like getting mail and also the money part i really like..

  3. You know, those cards are often at least three dollars each, and the people that tend to buy them, REALLY like to buy them. That is, they think of nothing of buying 7 or 10 at a time, up to once a month.

    Nice profit margin for a sheet of card stock.

    You can apply similar economies to, umm, Flowers, fancy meals, diamonds, etcetera. They are either going to die, be flushed, or are just a lump of rock.

    I do think there is value beyond the sentiment... beats getting a business card for finding out the address changes of those you may only contact once or twice a year. Usually easier to find also, if you haven't copied that info anywhere else.

  4. I know what you mean whenever I get a card from someone I dont know what to do with it and if I throw it away I feel bad in the end... But if its someones birthday and I have no clue what to get them I buy them a car.