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Akismet Spam Plugin for MovableType

Judi noticed that Akismet for MovableType is now available. The plugin has received good reviews from WordPress users, so I'm giving it a shot here at NSLog();. We'll see how things go here first before I deploy the plugin at The Sand Trap.

4 Responses to "Akismet Spam Plugin for MovableType"

  1. Nice!! WordPress rocks...I've personally seen lots of spam blocked by Askimet.

  2. You'll also note that comments appear immediately and will so long as Akismet works well.

  3. Any idea on the load this puts on a server? With the default 3.2 SpamLookup stuff I was getting slammed with tb spam to the point my vps provider sent me a kind mail saying "Getting Slammed? Can you set something up to throttle the cgi's?"

    I disabled tb's for now but didn't find any good solutions for throttling aside from mod_throttle for Apache.

  4. I've been very pleased with Akismet. It "blocks the bad and harnesses the good."