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Michael Tsai points out the existence of ProFontX. Happy Easter to me! I've long struggled with either Monaco (10 point, typically) or the old ProFont in a few applications. In the Terminal, I was using MPW or Anonymous. In Entourage, ProFont (where things like "l/" would literally disappear from the screen). In Ecto, I just now switched from Monaco 10 to ProFontX 9 (though I may switch back).

Ooh, BBEdit, I'll have to go make the changes there too, even though it won't benefit anything. If all goes well, ProFont will be bye bye in a few days.

Such small victories for us geeks, I tell you…

One Response to "ProFontX"

  1. I have used ProFont in the past and still use it on Windows, but on the Mac I have switched to Nu Sans Mono (by Marty Pfeiffer of at 9 point. At that size, the differences are subtle, but I have to give Nu Sans the edge. I will have to check out MPW and Anonymous... Monospaced fonts give me thrills.