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Erie Golf Club

I played Erie Golf Club, errr, excuse me - "the recently renovated Erie Golf Club" - yesterday. Despite the Sunday paper's glowing description of the new clubhouse and the revised, improved, "new" holes, the course is still a dog track.

I'm firmly of the opinion that Downing is a pretty darn nice course, especially for the price. It has variety, it has length, and best of all, it doesn't have rocks and broken glass littering the fairways like you'll find at Erie.

Erie is a hard walk with a lot of elevation changes. It has driveable par fours and 240-yard par threes with greens no larger than a dining room table. The new routing has players criss-crossing holes and roads like crazy (particularly when you play the old 8 and 9, now the new 15 and 16.

The rates are, as you might suspect, quite low, but not low enough to tempt me to ever go back to play the thing despite living 1/2 mile away.

The course has potential, so here's to hoping Erie can sell the course (even giving it away would seem to be a good move, given its losses the past few years) so that someone with some money can inject a whole bunch of it in order to make the course, well, at least playable tolerable.

2 Responses to "Erie Golf Club"

  1. Wow! Pretty harsh. I kind of enjoy the new layout, of course I haven't walked 18 holes out there in a long-time either. I think the maitenance things will be taken care of as the season gets into full swing. Of course, it's going to take a few years for the fairways to fully mature on all the new holes.



  2. Ralph, how long until all the pieces of glass go away? 😛