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Rain Rain… Don’t Go Away.

I filled in some of the holes in our lawn today with dirt and seed - the trenches left over from the truck that delivered wood for the pool room several months ago. Now I'm waiting for the rain to come to soak the dirt and ensure that the seeds grow. I still need another bag or two to fill in some of the areas that still grow grass but which are depressed, but that's not a pressing concern.

We signed up for ChemLawn. The lawns in our neighborhood all suffer from the horribly hard dirt beneath them, and we could easily spend what we spent trying lots of different things to try to get the lawn to grow. We consider this a one-year trial…

In other news, the lawnmower we bought a year ago has decided to quit helping me. The forward drive no longer works. I push the handle, nothing happens. I'm not sure why it's decided not to work, but go forward it does not. Perhaps later this weekend I'll have the chance to investigate more thoroughly. But for now, Carey's going to look for the receipt so that we can simply have it fixed under warranty. Does not bode well, though, for many years of mowing.