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Open HTML Files in Safari, Gerdammit!

I'm a Web developer. I use BBEdit. As such, ".html" files (and .php, and .inc, and .htm, and .cgi, and so forth) are set, by default, to open in BBEdit.

I'm getting tired of applications assuming I've set HTML documents to open in a browser. Today, I clicked "Buy Now" in the FileMaker Pro v8 demo (I was hoping it'd let me enter a code), and bam, a .htm file opens in BBEdit.

Yeah, that does me a lot of good. Thanks.

Heaven forbid a developer write an extra line or three of code to open the file in a browser.

3 Responses to "Open HTML Files in Safari, Gerdammit!"

  1. I think the way to get that to happen is to manually set, in Safari preferences, Safari to be the default web browser. I used to have that problem, with BBEdit automatically choosing itself to be the file handler for .html files, but setting the prefs in Safari to some other web browser, then back to Safari being the default web browser, did the trick.

  2. That was your mistake: clicking "Buy Now" in FileMaker 😉

    On the same note, there are programs that open their HTML help in Internet Explorer. I even think I saw one opening it in GoLive (meaning "Go directly to the Trash, do not pass Applications folder, do not collect $200.)

  3. The proper way to make sure a HTML file opens in a browser would be to call the file:// protocol.