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QotD: Best Score

Question: What is your best score at this game?

My Answer: 27.12 seconds. Then I got careless and touched a wall.

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6 Responses to "QotD: Best Score"

  1. 15.68 seconds. I think I got around 20 seconds when I played it a few months ago, but I don't remember.

  2. 39.435 it seemed easy to me...maybe my computer is slow because I usually stink at this stuff

  3. 16.009. Then I got fed up with it.

    And i'm fed up with LinkSys routers. The second one that I have owned just quit working. (The first one also quit.) Time to buy a new one tomorrow.

  4. 100+ seconds, but then it's pretty easy to cheat at. 😉

  5. about 40 seconds, but around 20 seconds is pretty average for me. (or i mean what i can usually get to.) ...without cheating, that is.

  6. 47.979.