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QotD: Apple’s New Ads

Question: Which is your favorite of Apple's new ads? Your least favorite?

My Answer: I like "Viruses" the most and "iLife" and "WSJ" the least.

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5 Responses to "QotD: Apple’s New Ads"

  1. Hard to pick a least favorite. I thought they were ALL horrible - not Apple's typical classy product. Wow. I was truly amazed at how bad they all are. It's such a shame.

  2. Kinda unexpected, but appropriate to fuel the wars again with the intel thing I think. Pretty funny, might appeal to a more mainstream audience as well.

  3. I think I agree on the worst ones.. But personally I liked "Restarting" the most, maybe because of the extra weirdness with the concept of a human "restarting".

    Though I think these commercials might step a bit more on some people's toes than the usual "show off a specific product" commercials. As we see Daniel's reaction above..

  4. I like Viruses and Network. The rest were pretty good too. While Daniel and other may think they're a bit harsh I think it will be good in the end for Apple. They're to the point and it'll stir things up a little and remind people they don't have to put up with Windows.

    In the last couple months, I've had several friends who were longtime Windows users who have made the switch.

  5. I like them because they're different from most computer ads. Perhaps it's the human element? 🙂

    Restarting would probably be my favourite.