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TypeIt4Me 3.0 Public Beta

I have always been a fan of TypeIt4Me, and now the 3.0 version - which becomes a preference pane instead of an input method - is now available.

I last wrote about TypeIt4Me here when I was comparing it to Textpander. Needless to say, now that Ti4M is a pref pane, it beats Textpander hands down.

If you've never given Ti4M a try, now's as good a time as any to do it. I not only use it for things like expanding URLs ("hns" expands to ""), my name ("ejb" to "Erik J. Barzeski"), and other actual abbreviations, but I use it to correct common typos like "teh" to "the" and so forth.

One Response to "TypeIt4Me 3.0 Public Beta"

  1. I've written about TypeIt4Me and Textpander before, primarily here and here. Now the newly renamed "TextExpander" is out with version 1.3 and the fine folks at "Smile on my Mac" have created a little chart showing how much better their...