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Nice Survey Question

Today I was filling out a survey and the first question asked:

"Do you prefer to use [site name] or Google when trying to find [site topic] information?"

The multiple choice answers available to me were "Yes" and "No."

As a programmer, of course, the answer is Yes unless I don't like to use either (in other words, 1|1 == 1, 1|0 == 1, and 0|1 == 1). Only 0|0 == 0. So I chose yes.

But not many people think like programmers, so I suspect they're going to get some seriously screwed up results for at least that question.

One Response to "Nice Survey Question"

  1. Reminds me of the old "Have you stopped beating your wife yet?" question.

    But that's not only something that's not quite rational, but it's just poorly worded anyway. Like if you go to a restaurant, and the person at the little podium in front asks "Smoking or non?", yes and no aren't valid answers.

    Windows dialog boxes seem to follow the same kind of thinking