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Why can't my barber (Mike Greene of "Tom Greene" on 38th Street here in Erie) cut my hair short enough on top? I tell him "one inch" and it's 1½ inches. I want short hair, dangit! It'll grow back if you make a mistake on the short side, but a mistake on the long side leaves my head looking top-heavy. I realize I've got a big forehead, but I've told him: either I'm at home (where I don't care about my hair) or I'm wearing a hat playing golf (and nobody can see my hair). Just cut it shorter! 🙂

I guess I shouldn't really care for only $8.

3 Responses to "Haircuts"

  1. Go to amazon, or even your local drug store, and pick up a decent beard/hair trimmer. Takes less than 10 minutes to cut your own hair!

  2. Another strategy is to figure out which clipper attachment corresponds to the length you want, and then specifically reference that when you get your next haircut. For example, I always get the #2 on the sides and back.

  3. I knew the attachment # in Florida (#5 I believe), but this guy just eyeballs it. He pulls your hair up between his fingers and a comb and uses a razor to snip it off. So I don't think knowing the attachment number would work very well with him. It did in Florida though…

    I'm seriously thinking that something like the Flowbee (or however you spelled it) would work for me. It's not like I have a "style." 😛