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Volvo S80

I have a loaner car - a Volvo S80. I'm not much of a car person, but this one seems pretty slick (as it should for about $40k). Or maybe it's just that it's a car and I haven't driven one in awhile…

When I push the gas down hard, acceleration! You don't get that from a 280 HP V6 SUV (or whatever my Touareg and the Aztek are). It's kinda fun and, as a rental, I have no problem mistreating it ever so slightly for my own satisfaction. I won't get a speeding ticket or anything, but the push from 0 to 45 is quite fun. 😉

Alas, I'll return it tomorrow when my center console will be repaired. The latch stopped working. Small, tiny issue, but an annoying one nonetheless. I think the repair guys actually broke it when they fixed the cupholder last week…

4 Responses to "Volvo S80"

  1. Welcome to Volkswagen ownership. Fun cars with a lot of personality, but there's always some niggling non-critical detail or other that needs to be taken care of (like cupholders and console latches).

  2. oh yeah... that S80 is pretty slick. I'd drive one.

  3. That sounds fun. My dad has a Volvo Cross Country V70XC, and it's a really great car. It has a little bit of "turbo lag" for a split second when you hit the pedal, but once it's moves, it's moves FAST.

    I think a lot of people still think of Volvo as the "dowdy boxy Swedish" brand with good safety features and don't realize that modern Volvos are pretty hip and luxurious. I prefer them over Mercedes at this point. 🙂

  4. Have driven one at up to 250 kph (~ 160 mph) on the German autobahns. The Swedes make solid, good cars, though the turbo lag is somewhat noticeable as Jared posted.