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Scorecard Beta Testing

ScorecardIf you're interested in beta testing some Mac golf statistics software, head on over to the forums at Cynical Peak and sign up. Obviously, requirements include being a golfer and having a machine running Mac OS X 10.4. I can tell you a bit more as well, including:

  • The name of the application is "Scorecard."
  • The icon is as you see above.
  • In addition to generic stats like your handicap, fairways hit, etc. you'll also be able to track things like average putting distance after a sand shot, greens-in-regulation percentage when missing the fairway right, and more.
  • To get all of these stats, you need only enter few pieces of information per hole (see image below).
  • Projected price is about $29.99, though introductory pricing may be available. Valuable beta testers will get free licenses.
  • Brad Miller used to work with me at Freshly Squeezed Software. This product, though of my design, is largely of his development.

Scorecard Round Entry

7 Responses to "Scorecard Beta Testing"

  1. Why is 10.4 a requirements ? that's a pitty and Apple's fault bust most developers only tend to produce software compatible with the latest OS release. It's a shame imho.

  2. 10.4's required because it uses CoreData for its data storage. The general goal is current version and the one before it, but CoreData is too good to pass up. It simplified the app a lot from the version that I started with out it. Plus I wanted to use it to get aquatinted with CoreData.

  3. I've put up a quick PDF showing how I keep score for easy entry into Scorecard. It's a snap.

  4. If you need a German translation of the nib's you can contact me, if you want 🙂 I'm also up for beta-testing the software 😉

  5. Hey, I posted in your thread over on golfwrx, but I thought I better post here too. I would be glad to test out your new software on my macbook pro.

  6. how do I become a beta tester?

  7. [quote comment="42349"]how do I become a beta tester?[/quote]

    You don't. This post is over a year old and Scorecard has been out for almost as long.