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My Only MacBook Comment

$200? For 20 GB more space and a black shell? Bah.

11 Responses to "My Only MacBook Comment"

  1. What's a "glossy" screen?

  2. A glossy coating.

  3. Apple is joking, right? There's something else in the black model beyond the color and larger HD? Right?

  4. Yes. An exaggerated premium profit margin.

  5. And people will buy it because its black.

    Otherwise, I really like the MacBook models. ... well except for the fact that all of the external display adapters are sold separately.... and it uses a 60 Watt adapter instead of an 85... which means swapping around power adapters (in a student lab where 75% have macs) is.. well not entirely a good idea.

  6. Look at how well the Black ipods sold... Apple knows there is a market for black apples, and now at least they can make some money off the people who want it.

    Interesting idea, though, as apple is a premium brand anyway, people are going to say "oh, you just got the white one? well i got the BLACK one, so hah!"

    ...that happened when i bought my girl a black nano, she started making fun of her sister who only got a white 2 gig. (given, the 4 gig was most what she was bragging about, but surprisingly also a lot about the color.)

    I think it's a smart move, but myself, i'd get the white and upgrade the specs.

    The only things that really disappoint me is that they no longer have a $999 laptop, which was a good number to be at (even if it was underpowered and had too little ram to operate realistically) and that they're using a built-in Intel graphics card... which may perform fine, but i know a few PC people who said "If it has at least 128m of video memory on a decent card, i'm getting one to dual boot with." ...we'll see if that holds 'em back or not. :\

  7. I like them too. Within the next year, I'll likely have a new MacBook (to replace the 12" PowerBook) and a new tower. Those should move over to Intel next. They're all that's left!

  8. A better stat is that the upgrade the top end white MacBook hdd to 80GB is only $50 more. So, the price premium is $150 for the black case.

    I bet they sell the everliving crap out of them.

  9. I'm sitting on a 12" PowerBook right now, and using Aperture is rather painful on it (I know it's not supported, I'm not blaming Apple for this). If only they'd made the black MacBook with an ATI graphics chipset instead...

    I can't decide now whether to just suck it and get a 17" MacBook Pro, or grab one of these MBs (which are still bigger and heaver than the 12" PowerBook) and grab one of the towers later in the year... Except a tower would be a pain when I (most likely) change countries at the end of the year.

    The other interesting thing I noticed is the firewire port points in the opposite direction... odd 🙂

  10. It doesn't have an ATI chipset because it's the consumer-level machine, not the pro-level machine.

  11. Consider that as special edition for those who value the look. You have to pay extra for the colour.

    The U2 iPod costs $50 more.