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NetFlix Freak

NetFlix Freak screwed up today. How? Have a look. Kinda silly, really. I clicked on "Munich" and a description for another movie came up.

Incidentally, I like NetFlix Freak, and I think I've mentioned that here before. I need to get a copy to my mom… she's going to sign up for NetFlix soon, I believe.

2 Responses to "NetFlix Freak"

  1. I am so excited to start Netflix! My brother in law gave my wife and I a gift membership for Christmas and I have been waiting for our move into our house to start it (mail carrier trashed our neighbors DVDs). We should finally be getting in there next week.

    Do you use Netflix Freak exclusively? Or just as an add on to further re-arrange your queue?

  2. I use it nearly exclusively. The only times I don't are when I forget to rate something, and I click on the stars in the email I receive saying "we've received it."