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Apple’s Photoshop Replacement

Scott talks about a possible (or not) Photoshop replacement from Apple. I would love one. Most of my work in Photoshop centers around:

  • Cropping
  • Resizing
  • Adjusting hue, saturation, balance, and the like
  • Adding simple gradients (to blur to white the edges of an image)
  • Adding circles, arrows, lines, etc.

And for this I have to wait ten seconds every time I launch it? I launch Photoshop probably 10 times per day as things come up. iPhoto isn't powerful enough and GraphicConverter is powerful enough, yet also too much of a pain in the ass.

I wouldn't mind seeing a competitor. Will we some day? I think it's unlikely. For now I'd just settle for a word-processing app that didn't completely suck (cough, ahem, Pages, ack, cough).

5 Responses to "Apple’s Photoshop Replacement"

  1. i know what you mean... though i just leave PS running in the background hidden.

    It doesn't really ever suck up too much processing time for anything else i'm doing. (I only quit it when i'm working in Final Cut or other "high profile" apps like that... or the occasional Starcraft session.)

  2. Sounds like Photoshop Elements might do what you need.

  3. Photoshop is the only thing that's painful on my MacBook Pro, although it's a little better since I upgraded to 2GB RAM. Non-native applications launch very slowly, but PS is by far the worst.

  4. If I'm gonna launch PSE I may as well just launch Photoshop, though. Takes almost as long and provides 80% of the functionality. I've never seen PSE as a valid alternative - not enough bang for the buck considering I do need PS's full arsenal of goodies on occasion.

  5. Have you tried ImageWell?

    - Cris