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I've just signed up at cork'd because I'd like to, some day, learn something about wines and begin enjoying them. I did grow up in North East, PA, which competes with just about anywhere in the world for being the largest wine producer per capita. Or something like that…

Anyway, if someone out there actually knows about wine and has signed up at cork'd, please let me know so that I can add you as a "Drinking Buddy" and so that I may see which wines you like in order to get me started.


4 Responses to "cork’d"

  1. The wife & I really enjoy wine. We got a book called "The Wine Bible" or something like that, and read a bit of it. Recently, the $5 bottle of wine has become very popular, so you don't have to spend very much money trying out different wines - it's great.

    So far we have found that we like just about every Pinot Grigio that we try.

    Have fun!

  2. If you want good tasting INEXPENSIVE wine, it is fairly important to network with others to help weed out the clunkers. Sometimes, if they are drinking that often however, they may not be into it for the taste so much.

    Although with some work, good wines can be found under 20 dollars, I tended to never buy under 15 - 20 dollars a bottle, and go for the wine magazine clippings as a guide, and, knowledge of what it is that *I* like. I tended towards full bodied cabernets, while others tended to prefer more acidic and thinner reds.

  3. I joined Cork'd for the same reasons as you. I'm no wine expert but I also have no drinking buddies. My cork'd name is rizearch.


  4. I love wine (I'm Italian/American - I have to!).

    Cork'd name is "chipster".