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Nike Jogging iPod Thingy

I think the Nike iPod Jogging thingy is awesome. $29.99 or whatever it is? Great price. Too bad running is so bad for your joints… how long until I can get one that goes in my golf shoes and tells me how far I walked in a day and provide me with some tunes when I'm playing poorly (or really well). I mean, Tiger's a big Nike guy, they've gotta have something in mind. My "Power Tune" could be "Eye of the Tiger!"

I wonder if the shoe unit charges itself with the compressions from your heel.

9 Responses to "Nike Jogging iPod Thingy"

  1. i read an interview w/Steve Jobs that said about 1000 hours for the receiver...

  2. Bummer. The receiver plugs into the Nano, so I'm assuming it works for quite a long time. I'll assume you meant the transmitter.

  3. yes, transmitter, sorry. you're right though. this is a great idea, and is definitely going to lead to more uses for ipods other than simply a music player.

  4. Jogging isn't bad for your joints.

  5. Too bad I like to swim. 🙁

  6. So its a pedometer that can somehow cull a song of a certain BPM from your iPOD? How does it know the tempo of a given song? Has this always been discernable from MP3s or AAC by the crafty developer?

    Jogging is not good for joints that are already showing problems, even if it is arguable that is is damaging.

  7. This is pretty cool. Apparently it only works with iPod Nano? That kind of bothers me since I have a pretty old iPod.

    At any rate, this is freaking cool!! Maybe it'll make exercising the cool thing now.

    I can see people with their Nike+iPod tennis shoes and their iPod Nano running down the street with their hot sports gear from Dick's [in the future, I see Dick's adding a Nike+Apple line of clothes].

    All running to "Eye of the Tiger" like they're Rocky or something.

    But all this news once again proves that Apple is the best.

  8. I haven't read alot about this little jem so forgive me if this is niave. Just because it's targeted at runners doesn't mean that you can't use it for measuring walking distances. I am assuming that a pedometer is still a pedometer. Of coarse, you'll have to golf in your spiffy new running shoes...

  9. Interesting new sound device. I agree the price is dood as you say.
    I guess the most people who buy this player will not be doing sport at all.