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The Memorial, Year Two

I've been given a press pass to cover The Memorial. Last year I attended as a spectator. This year I'll have a work station, a three-meals-a-day buffet, and inside-the-ropes access. I look forward to hanging out in the interview room, getting on the course, and taking lots of pictures as I did last year.

Tiger Woods will not be at the tournament and will not register a start on the PGA Tour since finishing T3 at The Masters back in early April. It is the first time Tiger has missed Jack Nicklaus' tournament.

Muirfield Village, just outside Columbus in Dublin, OH is Jack's own Augusta National. He even has a par-three 12th hole with a peanut-shaped green playing over water. Needless to say, it's a demanding test of golf. I'm excited.

I'll be staying in Findlay, OH (where I used to buy hockey gear while going to school in Ada, OH) with some in-laws.