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Freshly Squeezed Design

I wonder if this company knew of my former company. Hmmmm…

Incidentally, I hope to have some news to report here about PulpFiction. Suffice to say, someone who actually develops software instead of buying it and doing nothing with it for over a year may be interested in getting it back from the current owner…

4 Responses to "Freshly Squeezed Design"

  1. Good Luck on any Mother and Child reunions Erik.

    It is probably difficult to market a tool for reading RSS feeds, if that company does not openly participate in that Web 2.0 sort of thing, and is still throwing it down old school.

    BTW, can you tell from your site logs, what percentage of your readership is using PulpFiction?

  2. Hi Erik. I'm Robert Wurth, co-founder of Freshly Squeezed Design. To answer your question, we discovered Freshly Squeezed Software some time after developing our own identity.

    Because the business world has exploded, trademark law has been "reconfigured" to protect mainly only within specific industries. So the bulk of our searching efforts focused on making sure we were unique within the field of marketing and design (ironically, it appears now that there are other design shops now playing off of the "freshly squeezed" theme).

    We discovered "Freshly Squeezed Software" several months after our launch and were kind of surprized that it hadn't turned up in our previous research. Ah, but I guess that's the nature of this beast... : )

    I take it from your post that you are trying to get back your company (or at least parts of it) from the current owner. Good luck with that! And hey, if you succeed and need any help marketing, now you know where to look! ; )

    -- Robert

  3. Robert, that's a pretty silly statement. Googling "Freshly Squeezed" would have told you about the software company, and FSS has been highly placed in similar searches for years.

    And no, I'm not trying to get the software company back for myself. But someone else is.

  4. Which part is silly? As I said, our efforts were in protecting ourselves from trademark infractions within our own industry, not looking for "other" industries that might be using Freshly Squeezed. Our concern was whether or not we could safely use "freshly squeezed" as part of our name within the industry of marketing and design.

    Honestly, I'm not trying to come onto your blog to disrupt anything. I simply found this post posing a question about whether or not FSD was aware of FSS, and since I'm one of the co-owners of the company, that puts me in a position to shed some insight.

    The fact remains we didn't discover FSS until some time after we had already established ourselves as FSD -- because we weren't interested in the software industry, and therefore not searching for it. (A Google search of "Freshly Squeezed" also turns up nearly 2 million other pages, of which I'm sure only a small percentage have anything to do with either the industries of design or software.)

    But all that really establishes is the timeline. I doubt that it would have influenced our naming decision one way or the other if we had stumbled across FSS first, because from a trademark standpoint, they are not overlapping industries -- anymore than, say, software named "PulpFiction" is in the same "industry" as a movie of the same name.

    What I was suggesting as being surprising was not whether or not FSS turned up in a search for "freshly squeezed," but rather that it hadn't turned up in our research of "freshly squeezed" within the design and marketing industry (because "software *design*" seems to be a fairly common keyword phrase). But at the time, it didn't.