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Street Lighting Assessment

Carey and I received a notice for a $161 street lighting assessment. I've never heard of such a thing. Sure, I like having street lights, but how is that not included in property taxes? Houses tend to sit on streets. It's not like we're out in the township somewhere. We've got sidewalks and everything. 😛

I'm tempted to call them and tell them we'll pay the street lighting assessment when they fix the pothole I called in a few months ago. It's right at the end and just beside our driveway, so we hit it every time we back out.

Stupid Millcreek. At least we're not in Erie…

2 Responses to "Street Lighting Assessment"

  1. Random special-purpose taxes are a normal part of home ownership in most states. Get used to it. People tend to complain when about any attempt to raise existing taxes (such as property tax), and in some states the property taxes go to the state and not to the local government, so local governments often create new taxes to cover individual items.

    The voters likely even approved it... voters tend to prefer specialized taxes for dedicated purposes over anything that just goes into the government's general fund. It's not unusual to have street light assessments, school construction taxes, etc. in addition to the property tax bill.