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I’m Being Logged Out

Lately, my computer has been acting a bit strangely. Specifically, I'll come back and find that the computer is sitting at the login screen. My user is still logged in and all of my apps are running, etc. but I have to log in.

I have not set auto-log-out in the Security pref pane (it's unchecked) and I require a password to bring me back from a screensaver. Automatic login is disabled, etc.

I'm not sure why I'm forced to log myself back in as opposed to simply having the screensaver come back. Google searches have been rather fruitless. Any ideas?

5 Responses to "I’m Being Logged Out"

  1. I've had some strange login issues before when installing past security or system updates. Mine would not require a password from screen saver as well as sleep. Have you tried deleting anything like or anything? That worked for me.

  2. Are you letting the machine goto sleep?

    I picked up a Dual 2.0 G5 a few weeks ago. Lately, because of the heat, I started letting it goto sleep whenever I could (the room heats up if both monitors and it are cranking).

    What I've found, when I come back, is sometimes I have a really tough time logging in. I'll login, but it'll go back to sleep. Sometimes this happens once and then I can re-login and I'm in and the machine's fine. Othertimes, like this morning, it took _4_ attempts.

    I've not submitted any bug reports or anything yet, because I've not had the time to eliminate all external devices/OS-addons from the machine or even do another barebones install of 10.4.6 to see if it still happens.

    I only mention this because it could theoretically be related to what you are experiencing. FYI, Autologin is off, pwd from screensaver is on.

  3. I don't let it go to sleep. I deleted the loginwindow.plist and will see if that has any effect. I've yet to reproduce the exact conditions. This morning after an extended layoff (from about when I posted this to my blog yesterday) until 8:00am, it left me in my user space (with the screensaver password).

  4. The only think I can think of is that once your screen saver hits on then it loggs you off, which means that you might have clicked the auto log of thing, but since you already said tahts not the case, i have no clue.

  5. Uhh...that was me 🙂