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Big Ben Goes Bang

Though I didn't specifically, Ben Roethlisberger's injury is a great example of "I told you so," even if nobody is willing to actually say it.

I had a scooter in Florida and I often told people "the first time I drove past a pole at 40+ MPH" I put a rush on my helmet order. I never took the thing out in less than ideal conditions.

How someone can ride a motorcycle without a helmet is beyond me. And this was no Harley cruiser, but a crotch rocket. Simply stupid, Ben.

4 Responses to "Big Ben Goes Bang"

  1. I think it's really stupid to ride without a helmet, but the libertarian in me appreciates those who do and also those states that allow it.

  2. "... but the libertarian in me appreciates those who do and also those states that allow it."

    Which reminds me -how does anyone... state or federal... explain how helmets are "optional" but seatbelts are "mandatory"?

  3. Laws don't have to work together as a consistant and cohesive whole in a democratic society. At one point one group of people decided that seat belts should be mandatory. At another point in time another group of people in other voting precincts decided that helmets should not be mandatory.

    Our government will not make sense to anyone who sees it as a singular entity, because that leads to an expectation of consistancy, which is not an expressed ideal of democracy.

  4. I don't think seatbelts are mandatory everywhere. I'm pretty sure New Hampshire (which allows riding motorcycles without helmets) allows people over the age of 14 to ride in a car without a seatbelt.

    Even when I happen to be in New Hampshire, I'd never ride my bike without a helmet and armored jacket and gloves. And pretty soon I'll be adding armored pants and boots to the equation.