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QotD: World Cup Soccer

Question: Are you going to watch the World Cup?

My Answer: A little. I think International Football would be a whole lot more exciting if, once taken from a game, you could come back in. The way soccer is played at this level, once you're substituted, you're done. This leads to star players playing a very slow game with brief flurries of activity so they can stay in longer to better help their team. If soccer were more like hockey (or high-school soccer), I think it'd be a whole lot more exciting.

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3 Responses to "QotD: World Cup Soccer"

  1. Is hockey really that more exciting than football?? I dont think you can even compare them. Football gets more popular everyday, i dont think you can say that about any other sport.

    Just wait, the show its just starting... keyplayers are made during the knock off stages...

    I hope you enjoy the game

  2. There were fast games too like Germany vs. Poland

    But it might be boring because Germany always wins 🙂 Hopefully we're going to be world champion. Currently it is very difficult, not to watch soccer when living in Germany, because it is just everywhere, I never saw that much of black - red - gold (the german national colors).

  3. The fact that players can't come back in again is part of the tactics - many games are more exciting *because* you can't just substitute players at the drop of a hat. Constant substitutions works with hockey because you do them often and the rink is small. The turf, in comparison, is ginormous, which also has another effect: you'll need some tries to warm up so you can successfully last an entire attack, or make a successful solo run.

    I agree that you have a point (even more so if it was all about action! action! action!), but I don't think that what's currently wrong with soccer can be fixed by changing the substitution rules.