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Brain Age

Carey got Brain Age, the Nintendo DS "game," from her brother today and we had some difficulty in playing it. Though I'm "fast as a train" at the math problems, I was only at a "bicycle" level on the "say the color of the word" test. The game, as played on a DS Lite, doesn't seem to understand the word "blue" when I say it. It has even less success when Carey says it, and in fact stopped the game and said "I can't hear you properly" before moving her to the non-speaking tests.

As such, despite getting all the words correct but having to say "blue" repeatedly before it was accepted, my "brain age" was determined to be 56. 😛 Carey, who skipped that test, got an ideal brain age of 20. 😛

Is the DS Lite defective? How should one pronounce the word "blue" in order to have the game recognize it? Do you say "buh-loo" or "bl-ewwww" or what? "Red" and "Yellow" and "Black" have no problems and are recognized immediately.

8 Responses to "Brain Age"

  1. Did you import your DS Lite? I seem to remember a while ago some stories about imported DS Lites not liking the word "Blue".

  2. No, it's a standard U.S. DS Lite. My success rate saying "blue" is about 25%. Carey's was probably 10% or less.

  3. I've had trouble with "Blue" sometimes -- though it's not nearly that bad. It works for me about 95% of the time. I'm using a Phat DS btw. I know the Lite DS moved the placement of the mic.

    Good luck.

  4. My girlfriend has the same complaint. I think it's the game, not the hardware.

  5. Try Brrue 🙂

  6. It's the game. My wife and I have the same problem with Brain Age and "blue".

  7. "Yew" works for me.

  8. For me it's the word black. Must have repeated it 7 times with no success, I just keep getting try again notices. Probably why it gave me a 73 age rating!

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