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QotD: Carwash

Question: When was the last time you went through a carwash?

My Answer: I don't remember. Is it safe to assume that most modern car washes are safe? Or should one still look to avoid certain kinds of carwashes for fear of scratching, etc.?

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3 Responses to "QotD: Carwash"

  1. Touchless car washes are generally safe, but I still prefer doing it by hand. The wife & I washed our two Jettas (did I tell you we bought a 2006 TDI DSG?) yesterday, and boy do they look good now. 😀

  2. Oh, sorry - I forgot to answer the question too - last time I took my 2003 1.8T thru a car wash was a month or so ago. We've never taken the TDI thru a car wash - always done that one by hand (so far). Took the old Taurus thru one the day we sold it (which was the day we picked up the TDI of course), and that was a month or two ago.

  3. I take my 2003 Corolla through it about once a month. I just ordered a 2006 Prius & I'm afraid the car wash guys won't know how to start it or put it in & out of neutral.