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I’m Such an Idiot

Those are not my words, but those of Phil Mickelson, who lost the U.S. Open today in stunning fashion. Here are how the leaders finished their rounds just a few minutes ago:

Player             Score     16th   17th   18th
------             -----     ----   ----   ----
Geoff Ogilvy        +5       Par    Par    Par
Phil Mickelson      +6       Bogey  Par    Double
Jim Furyk           +6       Par    Par    Bogey
Colin Montgomerie   +6       Par    Birdie Double
Padraig Harrington  +7       Bogey  Bogey  Bogey

Or, viewed another way:

Player             Score     16th   17th   18th
------             -----     ----   ----   ----
Geoff Ogilvy        +5         E      E      E
Phil Mickelson      +6        +1      E     +2
Jim Furyk           +6         E      E     +1
Colin Montgomerie   +6         E     -1     +2
Padraig Harrington  +7        +1     +1     +1

2 Responses to "I’m Such an Idiot"

  1. I watched a bit of that yesterday, I loved the shot where he succeeded in driving the ball into the ground for a whopping 2 feet. (if that was him)

  2. I watched that yesterday. Nobody seemed to be on their game, or maybe the course is just harder than I thought.