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Billiards Drills .com For Sale

During the winter I started a site at Obviously, the idea behind the site is to provide tips, tricks, and the occasional puff piece (reviews, interviews, news, etc.).

With the big gaps (i.e. spring/summer/fall, or "golf season") in my own pool playing, the site hasn't been updated in awhile. I'm looking to sell the site - the domain name, the copyrights to all existing images and articles, everything. I'd help with the transition as best as I could.

If anyone is interested, they can contact me via any of the contact methods listed to the right. I have both a "good" price and an "acceptable" price in my mind. The first person with the "good" price gets it or, failing that, the next best offer above the "acceptable" price will get it.

2 Responses to "Billiards Drills .com For Sale"

  1. Any site traffic stats available?

  2. I haven't bothered to check them in the past few months. From Jan-March, the site had over 5,000 unique IPs visiting per month with about 4.7 page views per unique IP. The only promotion I did was to put the URL in my signature at a few billiards forums.

    The site made $1500 in those three months in advertising revenues, and all the advertisers (OB-1 shafts, etc.) were quite pleased with their results.

    I don't look at this as selling traffic. I view this as selling the domain name, the content, the images, etc. I have no idea how effective any new owner might be at running the site, selling advertisements, etc.