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QotD: Funerals

Question: When did you last attend a funeral?

My Answer: Today, obviously prompting this QotD. My wife's grandfather passed away on Wednesday. She has only one grandparent - his wife - remaining.

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4 Responses to "QotD: Funerals"

  1. A friend's mother died in 2001.

    Family? Been quite a few years... I'm guessing 1992 - my godmother and aunt.

    I'm expecting that will change alot over the next few years... my late father's family is basically in their 80s (4 of them) and my mom's family is even older (5, but one isn't in the country and another hasn't kept touch).

    In a few weeks I'm headed to a party celebrating somebody's 60th anniversary. (Can't say more - it's a surprise!)

  2. Both my father's parents passed away before my parents met - and my mother's father passed away years ago. I thought it was 1995 or 1996, but my mother says it was earlier than that.

    Didn't know my grandfather well enough (I didn't like him, but I was young and have since found people have fond memories of him). His funeral didn't phase me much.

    As far as family, I think my mother's mother will be around for a while...and there are various family members in mediocre heath across the country. I guess you never know.

    Sorry to hear about the recent death in your family.

  3. My mom's funeral, a few days before Christmas 2005.

  4. Grandpa Aaron, my mom's dad, passed away in May of 2004 if I remember correctly. He was the golfer of the family. Miss him.