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How About This…

I'm starting to dread the words "How about this…" They're always the beginning of an attempt at bargaining by the Little One who runs around this house (and who would like to think she commands the house).

What's worse, her counter-offers are never even close to fair. A few such exchanges:

Parent: Eat five more bites of hot dog and some macaroni.
Little One: How about this… I eat one bite of hot dog and then six marshmallows?

Parent: We're going to brush your teeth and put you in bed.
Little One: How about this… We stay up and watch fourteen episodes of Doodlebops, then we go on a walk around the block?

Parent: We're going to go shopping, then get some McDonald's.
Little One: How about this… We go to McDonald's, then we go to Chuck E. Cheese, then we go to the Golf Dome and then play arcade games?

Parent: You're not listening very well today.
Little One: How about this… You listen to me very well and I will be a good girl?

2 Responses to "How About This…"

  1. Great post and a real crack up... I see your little girl is developing her mad skills of manipulation. Reminds me of someone I know.

  2. This is so funny! It drives me nuts to but it'll continue - Erik pointed out to me earlier that I continue to acknowledge and therefore encourage her crazy thoughts with a "Oh, that sounds like a good idea, but..." or "That might work tomorrow..." Other annoying but cute phrases are: "I have a good idea, let's...", "Now you listen to me...", "I'll pretend to be the mama...", etc. She definitely takes after me in the manipulation category...I'm so proud! She'll make a great lawyer someday OR maybe a teacher! 🙂