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Mac OS X 10.4.7 Trackpad Surprise?

pal: Hey
me: hi
pal: Do you have a 15" PB?
me: 12
pal: I updated to 10.4.7 and I just noticed that "Use two fingers to scroll" appears in the Trackpad tab of Keyboard & Mouse.
me: on the old ones? hmm.
pal: Yea. There is nothing mentioned about it in the update. Interesting.

Interesting indeed. Can anyone else confirm? I have a 12" PowerBook, but Carey's yet to update it to 10.4.7.

7 Responses to "Mac OS X 10.4.7 Trackpad Surprise?"

  1. I have a 15" PB, and have had that option for quite some time. I'm only on 10.4.6, but I'm pretty sure that option was available when I bought the PB last fall.

  2. The PB 15" that is referred to is a pre-2005 PB. It was actually manufactured in 2004 (it was the first of the 1.5 GHz). The pre-2005 PBs had an ADB track-pad that apparently could detect two-fingers but Apple had not exploited that ability to do two-finger scrolling. Apple only added two-finger scrolling with the USB track-pads that were introduced in 2005.

  3. No go on my 1.33GHz 12".

  4. I'm using iScroll and 10.4.7 on my old 12" PB, and my System Prefs doesn't have anything about two finger scrolling in the Apple supplied parts. It might be nice if I could ditch iScroll, since it is a non-Apple thus potentially unstable .kext file, but it doesn't look like I can.

  5. I'm pretty sure it's added more options for scrolling for me (on a mid-2005 12" 1.5GHz PB) - namely it's god speed options. At least I don't remember seeing them before.

  6. Doesn't appear for me either, dec 2004 12" Powerbook 1.33Ghz.

  7. i use a pb 12" 1.5Gh and since i bougth it it had that function (is part of the tiger)