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Purple Pop = Green Poop

Not only does Kool-Aid do it, but Tropicana Grape pop makes your poo green, too.

And yeah, it's all in how your body metabolizes certain dyes.

6 Responses to "Purple Pop = Green Poop"

  1. All kinds of food with blue dye, actually -- blue moon ice cream, Powerade (Jagged Ice flavor)... Too much information, I know...

  2. wow. i never knew grape tropicana makes you have green poop. i think you're right though because i had some 2 nights ago and now i have green poop. 😮

  3. Purple=Green. This is soooo true! I've had a sore throat for like a week, and I ate a grape popsicle today. And what do you know...GREEN POO! Wow, are you phycic or something?

  4. I was at a friends birthday party today and I had a grape soda and now tonight I have green poo...definitely weird

  5. Has a bag full of yummy purple grapes and was horrified at the deep green poo! Good to know im not alone in my poo poo changes

  6. Yeah, I ate whole bag of blue cotton candy at a hockey game, and guess what....