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QotD: 2006 World Cup Semifinals

Question: Who will win the World Cup now that the semifinals are here?

My Answer: I'd like France to win (I was rooting for them when they won back in 1998), and I always pick the French team on FIFA for the PS2/GameCube, but I think Italy's defense will win out in the end. Germany won't be able to score and the French, though favorites, will be pretty tired. They're an old team.

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4 Responses to "QotD: 2006 World Cup Semifinals"

  1. Semi-finals. 🙂

    I'm rooting for Italy first, although France is something special (and Zidane in particular).

  2. Derrr, semis. Yeah. I was thinking "four teams" = "quarter" finals. Derrrr. 😛

  3. Germany is already out, so it will be Italy vs. Portugal or France. Portugal shouldn't be underestimated, they also have a pretty strong team. After seeing today's performance of the Italians, I'm pretty sure they are very close to winning the world cup. If the old French team has to go through 120 minutes of what Germany has seen today with a much younger team, Italy will win hands down. Against the Portuguese, it might be harder for them...

  4. Forgot to mention: Germany can still get the third place by winning against Portugal or France (whoever loses the semi-finals tomorrow) on Saturday which might work for them judging from the fans that seem to have taken over the whole country at the moment 😉