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Steelers vs. Indy Replay

I watched my Super Bowl XL/Steelers 2005 DVD tonight. When the playoff game at Indy came on, I felt uneasy until the Denver game came on. Some small part of me still wondered if Ben would make the tackle or if I'd been somehow living in a dream (and no, the fact that I was watching a DVD of the Steelers' season didn't dawn on that small part of me).

Too many times, the Steelers have thrown away great seasons on dumb plays like that one looked like it was going to be. I remember watching it live, and I understood in the moments before Ben's tackle what it must be like to be a Red Sox fan. The Steelers may not have had 86 (or whatever) years of tragedy and humor behind them, but they'd had their fair share.

I say again: whew!

4 Responses to "Steelers vs. Indy Replay"

  1. Give me a break. You know what it's like to be a Red Sox fan as a Steelers fan?! The Steelers won *4* Super Bowls in the 70s! As a Browns fan, I think I'm much more qualified to know what Red Sox fans felt like prior to their championship. 🙂

  2. Eh, no. The Browns just suck. The Red Sox were "cursed."

  3. Dude, I know exactly what you are talking about. When I watched the DVD, I did the same thing. In fact, anytime I see that play I get uneasy. And then overjoyed when Big Ben comes to the rescue.

    I've never compared the Steelers 20+ year absence of a Super Bowl victory to the Red Sox, but I do think (for Steelers Nation at least) it is an accurate comparison.

    Incidently, my mom recently got me a shirt from The Strip that says "Hey Cleveland, don't you wish you had at least 1 Ring?" I enjoy it very much. She got me another anti-Browns shirt but I forget what it says.

    Only a couple weeks before Camp Cowher begins!!


  4. I think the Browns are cursed after the way they handled the firing of Coach Brown in the late 60s.