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Congdon vs. ZeFrank

I, like this guy, will take "theshow" over "Rocketboom" any day. I think I only watched about four or five Rocketbooms… Good luck to Amanda. I didn't think she was that talented.

2 Responses to "Congdon vs. ZeFrank"

  1. I forget where I saw this comment, but it's on my clipboard and it makes sense:

    As for Amanda, Jason Calacanis has made her an offer that, in my opinion, would be hard to refuse: whatever she wants in terms of money AND exclusive rights to her videos. All Jason asks for is a six-month window of Netscape exclusivity for her to be the daily face of Netscape. And hey, it's not a bad face to have.

    Heck, I'd take a million bucks for six months of work. Best million Netscape might ever spend.

  2. The whole drama between the 'mainstream bloggers' about this subject is tired. I honestly don't see what the value was in Rocketboom (or 90% of videoblogs). It just wasn't entertaining.

    That said, this little pissfest was quite entertaining.